Your Grief Guide

All loss is held as worthy, whether you're experiencing the sudden death of a loved one or pet, working through anticipatory grief, an illness, major life transition, or contemplating your mortality; I'm here to hold you as you hold yourself. 

Your Death Doula

Death care for humans and beloved pets. Companioning, respite support, life review, legacy work, end-of-life planning, vigil planning and support, rituals and ceremonies, eulogy and obituary writing, post-death grief processing, trauma informed mindfulness mediation, breath awareness, and Reiki.

Legacy Project Companion

For humans needing guidance, ideas, and implementation of a legacy project.

*A legacy project is often a physical or digital collection of memories, life lessons, letters, audio recordings, or projects created at the end of one’s life. It’s an opportunity to reflect on their journey, preserve meaningful experiences, and share something special with their friends, family, and future lineage. 

Your Inner Child Guide

Guiding you in your journey of reclaiming, reparenting, and building a bridge to your inner world and younger parts (inner child). I use a mix of modalities like trauma-informed somatic mindfulness, doulaship, Inner Relationship Focusing, and coaching to facilitate meaningful and life-affirming connection with your inner child.

Beloved Ash Scattering

Guided ceremonial ash scattering of a loved one or pet. Co-created and profoundly meaningful.

Grief-informed, Guided Forest Bathing Immersion

Be held in your grief by gentle giants and the natural world on a beautiful farm that lines a gorgeous forest.

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Curious? Have questions? Schedule a free 20 minute consultation with me! I'm happy to go into detail over individual offerings.

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