We begin grieving the day we are born because we know our time on earth eventually comes to an end. This window into our mortality is one we all have in common. Still, in a grief-resisting and death-denying society, we have limited spaces to freely explore and process our feelings and experiences of loss. Grief is unavoidable, built into our humanity, and ever-present in the emotional landscape of our lives. At Gentle Season, we are passionate about reclaiming pathways to normalizing grief, death and dying through the support of our earth, awareness, and ritual.

Collaborative in personalized support and trauma-informed, our Grief Residency is a harbor where you can anchor your ship and be welcomed with open arms free of judgment, uneasiness, and platitudes. Here, as a resident-in-grief, you are held without an agenda to solve or sugarcoat your grief, but rather lean in, listen, and tend to its echo into the void. Maybe you're experiencing a significant loss, the sudden death of a person or pet, a terminal diagnosis, a loved one dying, or contemplating your own mortality. Whatever it may be, you and founder Victoria will create a nest to nurture your mind, body, and spirit during your stay. A care package designed with your needs in mind will help you choose what requires tending, from bodywork to sacred rituals, inner child tending, ceremonial ash scattering, and even your favorite comfort food (see full list below).

3 or 5 days
$560 / $960 (includes meals)
*Partial scholarships available

COVID-19 Policy: Must be vaccinated, boosted, and test 48 hours before your stay and half way through your stay.

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“We pause to be with grief, joining the rebellion against a hedonistic culture of happiness-at-all-costs and reclaiming our rightful feelings. We learn to just be without needing to tame, alter, or displace our emotions. This is radically countercultural, even revolutionary, when all other social forces merge to quell, overcome, and conquer grief”

— Joanne Cacciatore

Personalized Care Packages May Include

  • Rituals for grief
  • Bodywork
  • Guided meditation
  • Guided mindful movement
  • Mindfulness practices
  • Nature bathing
  • Compassionate touch
  • Processing and coping tools
  • Writing and art-making
  • Creating a sacred altar
  • Nervous system support
  • Legacy projects
  • Sound healing
  • Candlelight vigils
  • Play
  • Inner Relationship Focusing
  • Fostering relationships with those who have died
  • Ancestral connection through ritual
  • Quiet contemplation
  • Ceremonial ash scattering
  • Energy medicine
  • Inner child tending
  • Favorite comfort food

Tiny House Amenities

  • Comfy pull out bed that converts back into a sofa with extra storage beneath for your supplies
  • Shelves and additional cubbies beneath the seating area
  • Fully stocked kitchenette with two burners, fridge, sink, and plenty of cooking utensils
  • Giant hand built table to use to your creative advantage
  • Toilet, shower, body wash, and towels
  • Heat and air conditioning unit
  • Accessibility ramp and accommodations

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